DEBUT EP…About to begin

And so its finally about to kick off…..the recording of my debut solo EP! Its been a bit of a journey just to get to here. We have whittled a heap of demo’s down to 5 songs that we are going to record. When i say ‘we’, that’s me and my producer Colin Leadbetter. Known Col since high school, and is brother to my ‘brother from another mother’ Gavin Leadbetter. But friendships aside…Col is putting on the producer cap and is going to try to whip my butt into gear. More like, make me take off my blinkers and see my songs in a whole new way. I am notoriously bad at stepping outside the comfort zone. Even with my songwriting. But first things first ok!

We are recording the base tracks at Temper Trap Studio’s which from what i can see is a small boutique style studio in the city. I think it will be perfect for what I’m doing.