Muddy Water – Film Clip

All new film clip for ‘Muddy Water’
Had a heap of footage from a few days in the studio (@Tender Trap) while recording my EP ‘Suburban Speakeasy’ earlier this year. There was some good stuff in there and I didn’t want to waste it so I tried to cut it up and make a little video. Most of the footage related to when we recorded ‘Muddy Water’ with the amazing Andy Reed taking on the drums, so it was an obvious choice which song to use. After trying to cut it all up I found I didn’t quite have enough footage to make a little clip so I threw a light in front of my face and stared into a camera for 4 minutes to help fill in the gaps. I did this a few months ago and put it to a side and wasn’t sure if I should put it out, but after having a look a few days ago I thought it was pretty cool for a fun little home made clip… here it is!

For me, the song was certainly the most interesting one from the EP, with some beautiful backing singing from Jemma Nicole, hammond from Joe Cope and electric guitar playing from Damian Cafarella. Big thanks again to Colin Leadbetter who turned this song into something pretty grand from the little acoustic demo I handed to him. Oh and can’t forget Daniel Staud for the studio camera work!

New album coming for 2018…………