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Debut Album Update

Debut Album Update

Debut Album…………..Still chipping away at it! Had a lot ask me how it’s going throughout the year, and I guess my progress could be compared to the speed of a sloth. But its very much intentional. Music has the ability to take over ones life, consume you, but that’s not always the best thing! So we just fit recording around everyone’s crazy busy schedule’s and hopefully when it’s all said and done i’ll have something pretty special to show you all without the loss of any additional hair folicles (I don’t have much left as it is!).

In summary……It’s all starting to take shape and and can’t wait for 2019 to unleash the beast! Currently laying down some vocals with the ever patient Col Leadbetter……It’s getting there……..yes really……..will be back asap with some more news! Thanks for sticking around 👍

Might have to name this thing!!………….

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