in the stream - mitch dean

“‘In The Stream’ is a rockabilly-meets-harmonica blues boogie. The ’stream’ in question being the replacement of physical, vinyl records and live music with digital streamed content, much to Dean’s chagrin.” – AMERICANA UK

There’s an infectious and upbeat country-folk briskness on the Dylan-esque romp of ‘In The Stream’, built on freight train drumming and bluesy harmonica, as Mitch critiques the way music and film are devalued through the accessibility and cost structure of media distribution in these modern times.

“The premise of the song was really looking into how kids of today don’t have to “earn it” in regards to getting their hands on that new album or seeing that new movie in the way our generation did or certainly my parent’s generation,” says Mitch. “I think back to my teens when I had to save up my pocket money and walk 3kms to the nearest train station and take a 40 minute train ride to get to the nearest record store.” 

“When you got that album home you listened to it from start to finish (whether it was good or bad) and really took it all in. You listened to it until you saved up some more money to make another trip,” reminisces Mitch. “But now that new song, album or new movie is available at the click of a button via the ‘stream’ and kids of today don’t know any different. And I can’t help but feel that it’s devalued so much art that’s being made. It’s not being consumed the way it once was and not appreciated.”