Debut Album Update

Debut Album Update

Debut Album…………..Still chipping away at it! Had a lot ask me how it’s going throughout the year, and I guess my progress could be compared to the speed of a sloth. But its very much intentional. Music has the ability to take over ones life, consume you, but that’s not always the best thing! So we just fit recording around everyone’s crazy busy schedule’s and hopefully when it’s all said and done i’ll have something pretty special to show you all without the loss of any additional hair folicles (I don’t have much left as it is!).

In summary……It’s all starting to take shape and and can’t wait for 2019 to unleash the beast! Currently laying down some vocals with the ever patient Col Leadbetter……It’s getting there……..yes really……..will be back asap with some more news! Thanks for sticking around 👍

Might have to name this thing!!………….

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Album Update – Time to Sing

Album Update – Time to Sing

Ok now I’m seriously dragging my heels, but you know what – I’m totally ok with it as long as you are! I think we are managing one vocal session a week where we just knuckle down and get one song down – but its the best god damn vocal take you’ll get out of me! So when this is all done and dusted what you’ll hear is the very best that can come out of these bourbon and beer soaked vocal chords. And trust me…this takes time people!!!!!

I think we (that’s me and Col) are around half way through and thankfully (for Col) it’s been a pretty easy process so far. We had a small lay off with Col becoming a dad!! And then there’s the usual winter cold, and then……and then……..

Might be back later in the year with another update – fingers crossed!

Mitch Dean singing

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Album Update – Onto the Guitars!

Album Update – Onto the Guitars

Time for an Album Update. We have passed the drums and bass. And now we have arrived at probably the best part – ELECTRIC GUITAR TRACKING! And what better way to do it than with the amazing Damian Cafarella… his studio in the next street….BONUS.
Damian is one of the very best in the business when it comes to….everything. For those who have been playing along at home he was the guy who also hit the drums for the album. He’s all over it like a rash…but a good kinda rash!! Really excited to be getting the album knocked into shape and hear the songs come alive with the sparkle of the electric guitars over the top.

Stay tuned………

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Recording Has Started – DEBUT ALBUM


We’ve officially kicked off!! After 6 months of tinkering around with some new songs, recording demo’s and generally harassing my producer Colin Leadbetter, we finally arrived at D-DAY!! That’s the day where you record your bed tracks. But lucky for me I had the absolute dream team for doing that very thing. These guys are insanely great musos and just have a great feel for knowing what each song requires. Damian Cafarella on drums and James Gillard on bass – seriously it doesn’t get any better than that for me! Ive been a huge fan of James for a very long time after seeing him play a zillion times in The Flood.

So now its onto my acoustic tracks and some guide vocals……………….

mitch dean studio 2018

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Muddy Water – Film Clip

Muddy Water – Film Clip

All new film clip for ‘Muddy Water’
Had a heap of footage from a few days in the studio (@Tender Trap) while recording my EP ‘Suburban Speakeasy’ earlier this year. There was some good stuff in there and I didn’t want to waste it so I tried to cut it up and make a little video. Most of the footage related to when we recorded ‘Muddy Water’ with the amazing Andy Reed taking on the drums, so it was an obvious choice which song to use. After trying to cut it all up I found I didn’t quite have enough footage to make a little clip so I threw a light in front of my face and stared into a camera for 4 minutes to help fill in the gaps. I did this a few months ago and put it to a side and wasn’t sure if I should put it out, but after having a look a few days ago I thought it was pretty cool for a fun little home made clip… here it is!

For me, the song was certainly the most interesting one from the EP, with some beautiful backing singing from Jemma Nicole, hammond from Joe Cope and electric guitar playing from Damian Cafarella. Big thanks again to Colin Leadbetter who turned this song into something pretty grand from the little acoustic demo I handed to him. Oh and can’t forget Daniel Staud for the studio camera work!

New album coming for 2018…………

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Something to You – Tiny Shed Concerts

Something to You – Tiny Shed Concerts

Something to You – I’ve been recording a few songs here and there in this simple format and filming them – testing the waters to maybe try and get a little compilation album happening of local singer-songwriters who would all come to my little ‘shed’ and record a few songs. Working on it!

Here’s a little version of ‘Something to You’ which appeared on my recently released EP. Simple one take version recorded with one Mic.

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Onward and Upward…….New Demo’s

Onward and Upward – New Demo’s

mitch dean

Recording New Demo’s and Building towards a new album in the hopefully ‘not too near distant future’. Braving the cold and have bunkered down in the ‘man cave’ working away on bits and pieces. For someone who has always had a band to help work songs it was a good learning experience recording the EP in terms of making sure you demo the complete idea.
So i think this album will be a step forward from the 5 songs shown on the ‘Suburban Speakeasy’ EP. I love writing, but I am sporadic. And its not usually conducive to finishing off songs properly. I tend to spend 10 minutes on a song and then want to move on. The melody is there, I’m drawn to it, I can see the picture in my head, but the labour these days seems to be ‘filling in the gaps’. So this winter I’ll be ‘filling in the gaps’ in my shed. Waiting for the sun to come out again……….

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Before the Fall – Video Clip

Before the Fall – New Video Clip

New video clip is in the making for track 1 ‘Before the Fall’ from my debut EP. Filmed at Shorehams ‘Ashcomb maze’ the video is a simple ‘performance piece’ aimed at introducing Mitch to the Alt.Country listening public.
Mitch Dean