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Mitch Dean Blog

Welcome to the Mitch Dean Blog Page – here you will find all the latest news and information on what Mitch’s is currently cooking in the kitchen.

Mitch Dean Album Update

Debut Album Update

Debut Album Update Debut Album…………..Still chipping away at it! Had a lot ask me how it’s going throughout the year, and I guess my progress could be compared to the speed of a sloth. But its very much intentional. Music has the ability to take over ones life, consume you, but that’s not always the…
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Damian on Guitars

Album Update – Onto the Guitars!

Album Update – Onto the Guitars Time for an Album Update. We have passed the drums and bass. And now we have arrived at probably the best part – ELECTRIC GUITAR TRACKING! And what better way to do it than with the amazing Damian Cafarella… his studio in the next street….BONUS. Damian is one of the…
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mitch dean studio 2018

Recording Has Started – DEBUT ALBUM

MITCH DEAN – DEBUT ALBUM – RECORDING HAS BEGUN We’ve officially kicked off!! After 6 months of tinkering around with some new songs, recording demo’s and generally harassing my producer Colin Leadbetter, we finally arrived at D-DAY!! That’s the day where you record your bed tracks. But lucky for me I had the absolute dream…
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Muddy Water - Mitch Dean

Muddy Water – Film Clip

Muddy Water – Film Clip All new film clip for ‘Muddy Water’ Had a heap of footage from a few days in the studio (@Tender Trap) while recording my EP ‘Suburban Speakeasy’ earlier this year. There was some good stuff in there and I didn’t want to waste it so I tried to cut it…
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mitch dean

Onward and Upward…….New Demo’s

Onward and Upward – New Demo’s Recording New Demo’s and Building towards a new album in the hopefully ‘not too near distant future’. Braving the cold and have bunkered down in the ‘man cave’ working away on bits and pieces. For someone who has always had a band to help work songs it was a…
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