Suburban Speakeasy – Debut EP!

Suburban Speakeasy – Debut EP

Suburban Speakeasy – The long awaited debut EP from Mitch Dean is scheduled for a release date of February 3rd 2017
5 brand new Americana and Alt.Country styled songs all written by Mitch. Recorded over 6 months at Melbourne’s Tender Trap Studio’s with the help of producer Colin Leadbetter ( The songs range from moody dark folk to upbeat and americana. ‘Suburban Speakeasy’ is the start of a new journey for Mitch who has spent his musical life as part of a band, but now steps out on his own to present his songs in a whole new way.

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All the Dealing – Tiny Shed Concert!

All the Dealing – Tiny Shed Concert

All the Dealing – performed here for ‘Tiny Shed Concerts’. Single take version of the song. Performed for many years by ‘The Distance’. This is a striped back version. The song details a man down and out fighting for his lively-hood, his family, his name.


Debut EP – Almost there

Recording on the Debut EP is really coming along. A few finishing touches to go and we are well on our way to releasing this thing. At the moment I’m aiming for a January 2017 release. Here’s a little behind the scenes footage of our time in the studio at Tender Trap in Melbourne.

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EP recording – Session 3 in the studio

Whats an EP without some pedal steel!

EP Recording – Session 3 – The EP recording is really starting to come together now. So far we have completed drums, bass and acoustic tracking. Getting there..!!!
Today we were graced by good friend Brendan Mitchell who layed down some great pedal steel parts for the song ‘Before the Fall’.
Brendan has played pedal steel for so many people in the Melbourne country music scene and really knows his stuff. I was lucky enough to have played with him a few times in the past for a few little acoustic gigs we did together. So when the opportunity came up to have some pedal steel on the EP I knew who to call!

Mitch Dean EP

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1st Session Complete! (New EP)


1st Session Complete – NEW EP – June 16th, 2016. Work has officially begun on the recording of my new EP! (Need to give this thing a name asap!)
We layed down 5 tracks today at Tender Trap Studio’s with the amazing Andy Reed behind the kit. What an amazing musician and a fantastic guy!
Steering the ship in the producers chair is long time mate Colin Leadbetter who has recorded all of the Distance albums and probably everything i ever done really!
Col has a new task this time around….he is producing the whole thing. He’s chosen the songs, and is guiding the thing towards the light….
Only early days at the moment – but a great foundation has been laid for the word ahead!
Will continue to post updates as more work is done…stay tuned!

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It all kicks off in a week….Debut EP

DEBUT EP…About to begin

And so its finally about to kick off…..the recording of my debut solo EP! Its been a bit of a journey just to get to here. We have whittled a heap of demo’s down to 5 songs that we are going to record. When i say ‘we’, that’s me and my producer Colin Leadbetter. Known Col since high school, and is brother to my ‘brother from another mother’ Gavin Leadbetter. But friendships aside…Col is putting on the producer cap and is going to try to whip my butt into gear. More like, make me take off my blinkers and see my songs in a whole new way. I am notoriously bad at stepping outside the comfort zone. Even with my songwriting. But first things first ok!

We are recording the base tracks at Temper Trap Studio’s which from what i can see is a small boutique style studio in the city. I think it will be perfect for what I’m doing.


New EP in the making!

Mitch Dean New EP

Work has finally begun on a new EP to be released towards the end of 2016. After submitting around 20 songs, its been whittled down to 5 that we felt would suit this project. Not necessarily the most catchy of the songs, but 5 that will sit nicely together for this EP. Recording on the base tracks to begin in June 2016…..

More details to be posted soon……

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Mordy Supper Club – October 25th

Mitch Dean – Mordy Supper Club

Playing 2 big sets at the Mordy Supper Club on October 25th from 5pm. Loads of new material and some great cover selections thrown in.

Mitch Dean